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Education + Advice + Experience + Honesty + Trust = 100% SUCCESS!

What To Expect From A Great Realtor

  • A great Realtor educates and advises you on how the process works, what to expect, timelines, possible pitfalls and navigates rough waters before they become an issue.  

  • A great Realtor advises you on the best marketing & pricing strategies, the Buyer psychology behind it, why some strategies work and others do not work.

  • A great Realtor has the experience to guide you but does not make the decisions for you. Neither the Seller nor the Realtor set the price - the market sets the price.  Find out today how this works.

  • A great Realtor is honest with their client.  Many times a Seller is heading in the wrong direction and some agents may stand silently by and agree with the seller instead of stepping up and being honest. Maybe selling right now isn't your best option - let's talk and find out what is best for YOU.

  • A great Realtor knows honesty and trust are the foundation of any successful relationship.  You can COUNT on me to tell you what you need to hear in order to make an informed decision - not what you want to hear. This often makes the difference between a successful sale versus a sale that never gets an offer and sits on the market for months and months getting stale.

Think of me as your friend in real estate looking out for you and your family. A friend you can call when you have a question about real estate.  

Come.  Discover my brand of selling real estate..



Price My Home Price My Home

If you're considering selling you're home, it's important to do your homework. You'll want to do the right preparation in order to obtain your goal of selling your home for the best price, even in a market that favors sellers. Buyers tend to prefer homes with curb appeal that do not require a lot of work after purchase. Often, for only a small investment, a homeowner can spruce their home up with paint, carpet, and possibly professional home staging, depending on the condition of your home and furnishing.

Price my home
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She was a great help to me. I had never been through this before, and her support was wonderful.

—Kay Puffer, Sacramento, now Des Moines
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